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    Shenzhen Hongda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and operation of digital instrumentation as one of the high-tech enterprises. After many years of efforts, Hongda has created and developed a specific technology market, providing quality testing and fault detection products to various industrial sectors, and continuously upgrading the market to an important position. From the installation of industrial control systems to the calibration of process instrumentation maintenance, precision measurement from the laboratory to the computer network fault diagnosis, Hong large products to help businesses and efficient operation of the business and continuous development. Whether it is technical staff, engineers, or scientific research, teaching staff and computer network maintenance personnel, they use the Hongda products, expanding personal capacity and excellent job done. It is precisely because of their trust and reputation, prompting Hongda to lead the global electrical and industrial process instrumentation manufacturing as the goal...【More】

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Digital multimeter manufacturers

Hongda Electronics Mr. Cheng Longbao and Chen Yi engineers compiled the "digital multimeter to use fast Autopass" officially published


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